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2023 looking Back

As 20223 soon to come to a close, good time to reflect an the year Its ups and down's.

The highlight without question was the gathering of Daimler Ds420 owners at Gaydon on May 14th, that was both honoured pround to help Giles Huser with plus in addition being the judge for the event plus providing a number of trophys. It was more than a surprise to see how many owners attended and the the high standard of Daimler DS420's. So well was the gathering before the day had ended, Many of the owners asking when is the next one, months later still getting enquirys when is the next one.

2023 has also seen building up more and more stock of Daimler DS420 Parts am now at the point that will find larger premises to store current stock with provision for more. this year as seen the amount of owners coming to Clayton Daimler for qaulity parts. Clayton Daimler as been able to advise even more DS420 owners with problems they experincing withe their Daimler. This year as also seen an increase for onsite reppair service some long distance others not so far.

Down of the year was without question the problem with the Engine on the J reg. took much longer than expected, plus cost increased more than expected. In no small part due to using only tyh best quailty replacement parts. Would be right to say repaired regardless of cost. plus in line with the Clayton Daimler moto "Do it Right, do it once." The other advert effect of this unseable faulty that it had a knock on effect in regard to restoration of the 1983 DS420. plus other p[lanned works.

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