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Services Provided

How Can We Help You?

We sell top quality Daimler DS420 parts while offering friendly customer service and expert advice. Not sure on how to proceed with a repair? No problem, we will take the time to explain the function of any part you buy and the best way of going about the repair. Contact us to see what we can do for you and your DS.


  • Genuine Jaguar/Daimler parts. 

  • Quality OEM parts. 

  • Highly reputable companies.

  • Plus parts made in the UK  exclusively for Clayton Daimler

When a customer comes to us for parts it is often in the context of a long project, a part failure or parts for a service. We offer replacement services that will guide you through what is needed - whatever the reason that requires replacement parts. Our goal is to advise you while   saving you time and money. This is what differentiates us from other vehicle part replacement stores.  Give us a call or email where will do all we can for you.

Help & Advice

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  •  Problems with your  DS420?

  •   Free advice from experts             with a wealth of knowledge     and experience. 

We’re a business that specialises in providing parts for those who love to work on their own vehicles as well as those who just need to get their automobile repaired as soon as possible. We offer clients help and advice with problems they are having with their Daimler DS420. We also advise on other services that clients don't even know their vehicle required. For potential new owners we can provide a pre-purchase inspection.


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  • Mobile repair service.

  • Urgent parts delivery.

We offer more than vehicle parts here at Clayton Daimler making sure our clients receive the best services available in the market. Our service is second to none since we make sure our clients receive the best deals and prices from the brands we supply. Come by to learn more about the different services we supply and how these may suit your vehicle.

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