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British Motor museum Gaydon Daimler DS420 owners meet.

What a great had on May 14th at Gaydon, for the first of what hope to be the start of many more. was given the honour of being the Judge of the cars, plus supply some of the Trophy's for the lucky winners. Best of was being able to meet owners both new and old owners as well as able to meet face to face and talk to our customers about roblems they may have and regarding to parts. as well of course doing the same for none customers. My only regret due to judging duty's

plus so many wanted to meet me and talk to me was not able to talk to all as much as so wished to do. A personal high light at the end of the day I was given a ride in the Queen Mothers last Daimler DS420. In the above photo the QM's car is the third Daimler DS420 From the left, Our own DS420 had pride of place to the left of the QM's DS420

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